April Becker comes out against the illegal tax increase

April Becker, the Republican candidate for State Senate District 6, recently came out swinging against controversial bills that were passed by the Nevada Legislature this past June. “Senators take an oath to defend the constitution. Nicole Cannizzaro and the rest of the Senators in her caucus violated their oath. She failed to build consensus, then she failed to follow the law.”

Senate Bill 542 which increases DMV fees, and Senate Bill 551 which raises the payroll tax that was scheduled for a decrease both failed to receive the constitutionally required 2/3rds vote. Both bills were illegally signed into law by a party line vote.

At a recent event, April Becker told friends and supporters that she opposes the tax increases and supports the groups who have filed a lawsuit to stop them. “Senator Cannizzaro and her colleagues chose to recklessly abandon bridge building and our state’s constitution. This is not leadership – it is partisanship at its worst. Raising taxes illegally on 23,000 Nevada employers hurts jobs and threatens our Nevada way of life. It’s time to roll back the illegal taxes.”