Congresswoman Elise Stefanik

“April Becker is a mom that put herself through law school, started a successful business, and now wants to give back to her state and country,” said Stefanik. “April will help us stop the out-of-control spending, rising inflation, and the reckless Biden agenda. I’m proud to endorse April Becker and hope others join me so she can help defend our conservative values in the United States Congress.”

Mark Hutchison

“April has an extremely impressive track record as a successful small business owner, working mother, and generous philanthropist,” said Hutchison. “As an entrepreneur myself, I know we can count on April to stop the radical left’s attempts to raise taxes and pass stifling regulations that hurt small businesses. Sending her to represent Nevada in the US Congress is of the utmost importance, as the party that controls the House could very well be decided by this race.”

Adam Laxalt

“April is a small business owner and working mom that would be a strong voice for Las Vegas in the US House,” said Laxalt. “April will fight back against Speaker Pelosi’s radical leftist Democrat controlled Congress, she will stand up to the defund police movement and she will fight for American workers and job creators. Electing her to Congress will help retire Nancy Pelosi and put America back on the right track.”