Putting Parents And Students First In Education

As a mother of three, I know there is nothing more important to our children than a high-quality education, and no one cares more about it than parents. We must empower parents to make the choices that fit their children the best. School Choice is a common-sense approach that allows children to escape failing schools and find a better fit for their individual needs.

Additionally, we need to support our teachers, who go above and beyond to help grow the next generation. Let’s increase the tax deduction for purchasing teaching supplies, and we should spend less money on the educational bureaucracy and put more money in our teachers’ pockets.

We need to keep divisive political arguments, like Critical Race Theory, out of our schools. We should teach our students the good and the bad of our history, not a political theory that seeks to divide and segregate them.

And most importantly, our schools need to remain OPEN.

If we focus on what’s best for our children, we can deliver a world-class education to every student, no matter their race, class, or zip code.