Securing Our Border For Economic and National Security

Our country has every right to secure its borders and decide who enters. This is common sense and practiced all over the world. By completing the wall, we will be able to slow the unprecedented migration along our southern border. We need to eliminate the incentives for people to make the dangerous journey to America.

Another critical reason to secure our borders is the thousands of pounds of fentanyl pouring into our communities. The drug is being trafficked across our border and is ravaging American families.

Immigration is not just a matter of national security; it’s also a matter of economic security. Mass immigration drives down wages and leads to businesses’ cutting corners and taking advantage of individuals.

Politicians like President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have made outlandish promises of free healthcare and government benefits to those who come here illegally. This has caused good people to risk their lives and their children’s lives pursuing these false guarantees.