Putting Parents And Students First In Education

As a mother of three, I know there is nothing more important to our children than a high-quality education, and no one cares more about it than parents. We must empower parents to make the

Jobs For The Middle Class And An Economy That Works For Everyone

Nevada’s economy is struggling. We top the list of states with the highest unemployment, inflation is reducing the purchasing power of families, and the price of gas is eating into the budgets of

Securing Our Border For Economic and National Security

Our country has every right to secure its borders and decide who enters. This is common sense and practiced all over the world. By completing the wall, we will be able to slow the unprecedented

Protecting America and Honoring Our Veterans

America has been able to endure for generations because of the sacrifices and efforts of our fighting men and women in uniform. Far too often, when our soldiers return home, they do not

Energy Independence For A Stronger America

Having a robust, all-of-the-above energy strategy ensures America can remain energy independent and will ease the price you pay at the pump. The Biden Administration has taken the opposite

Patients First Health Care Solutions

Ensuring access to quality health care that allows for individual choice is paramount for every community. By providing more freedom and allowing individuals to purchase insurance plans

Keeping Our Promises to Seniors

Our government continues to spend trillions of dollars on programs we can’t afford. Much of this money was paid into our government by individuals who are now counting on it as seniors

Determining Our Priorities

Washington doesn’t have a revenue problem; it has a spending problem. The IRS is taking in record-breaking revenue year-over-year, but the government is spending more money than ever

Solving Our Homelessness Crisis

Far too many of our fellow Nevadans struggle with homelessness. Many are in situations they could never have imagined themselves in, whether losing a job, struggling with substance abuse

The Constitution and Rule of Law

I have been a responsible firearm owner for years and support an individual’s 2nd Amendment right to protect and defend themselves.

Election Integrity

I believe that the right to vote is sacred and must be protected at all costs.