April Becker was a working mom with small children and put herself through college and law school at UNLV and is now a top-rated attorney who has been recognized for her pro-bono work to help those in need.

As a mother of three, April knows there is nothing more important for children than a high-quality education. In Congress, Becker will work to empower parents to be able to make the choices that best fit their children’s needs, including school choice.

Additionally, we must build for the economy of the future by ensuring we have trade and vocational schools that fill blue-collar job needs, removing red tape that stifles innovation and growth, and a tax structure that encourages our entrepreneurial spirit.

April’s Plan To Get Our Country Back on Track

Better Education

Empower Nevada parents to make the choices that best fit their children’s needs, including school choice.

Honest Leadership

April believes that members of Congress should be banned from trading individual stocks – they too often enrich themselves instead of doing what’s right for their constituents.

Greater Opportunity

Build an economy that expands trade and vocational schools, limits red tape, and keeps taxes low so businesses are free to grow.

Combating Gas Prices

Lower the price at the pump with an All of the Above approach by expanding energy options including renewable energy, electric vehicles, and more domestic oil production.

Taking On China

Restore Our Supply Chain so we aren’t held hostage by China or other hostile nations during a world-wide crisis. Tackling Inflation We must stop wasteful government spending so we can bring down inflation and get the cost of living under control.