Press Release: Becker’s Statement On Susie Lee’s Build Back Better Vote

April Becker, Republican Candidate for Congress NV-03, released the following statement on Susie Lee’s vote for the reckless and socialist Build Back Better bill:

“With Nevadans paying more for food and gas, Susie Lee’s $1.8 trillion plan just added to our inflation problem with more reckless spending that adds $367 billion to our deficit. This bill includes a natural gas tax that will increase the price of home heating costs, electricity rates, and the price you pay at the pump. It gives an $80,000 tax break to millionaires and billionaires. It funds nearly 100,000 new IRS agents that will increase the chances for everyone to face an audit. It will increase our deficit and jeopardize the promises we’ve made to seniors, as it puts a strain on Social Security and Medicare. Susie Lee isn’t helping Nevadans; she’s making our problems worse.”