RELEASE: Susie Lee Continues To Profit From Legislative Action

Ethics experts are again questioning Susie Lee’s stock trading after she wrote a water recycling bill that could financially benefit her. 

This is not Lee’s first unethical stock move during her time in Congress: 

Now, Lee has written legislation that would benefit a company she holds stock in. According to Mother Jones, “Last year, she authored a measure that will make hundreds of millions of dollars available for water recycling projects. But Lee’s interest in this issue appears to be more than simply political. The two-term Democrat also has a portion of her considerable personal wealth invested in a company that stands to benefit from the water recycling legislation she has championed. In March 2020, according to congressional financial disclosures, Lee and her husband—a casino executive—purchased between $1,001 and $15,000 worth of shares in Evoqua Water Technologies, a company that, among other things, contracts with federal and local governments to provide filtration systems and other technologies used in water recycling.”

April Becker released the following statement concerning Lee’s unethical stock activity, “Susie Lee has used her time in office to enrich herself while telling her constituents she will not apologize for her disastrous policies that have led to soaring inflation. Members of Congress must be banned from trading stocks, and Susie should immediately divest her holdings and apologize for this unethical behavior.”