Review Journal: Republicans target Southern Nevada to flip Congress

Hopes pinned on Becker

Establishment Republicans are most enthusiastic about Becker’s chances to win in Congressional District 3, which has been the true “swing” district in the state. She handily defeated four challengers in her primary to collect an impressive 65 percent of the vote.

“Nevada is a key battleground in the path to taking back the House” said Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., “I look forward to helping April flip this seat.”

Becker, who narrowly lost a state Senate race in 2020, called Lee “out-of-touch” with residents suffering economic hardships that Becker said were the result of Democratic policies.

Both candidates have been in general election mode since before the primaries made the matchup official, said J. Miles Coleman, associate editor of the nonpartisan Sabato’s Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia.

“This, to me, seems like the likeliest seat to flip – I’m sure groups on both sides will be investing heavily,” Coleman said.

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