Jobs & Economy

Nevadans are innovators, risk takers, and pioneers. Government should nurture and promote the Nevada spirit, not hold it back. What our current leaders don’t seem to realize is that, while government is not responsible for creating jobs, it certainly should not get in the way of the private sector doing it! We can empower job creators, while nurturing an environment for all workers to succeed.

Just last year, the Nevada Legislature passed 67 anti-business bills, effectively increased our local sales tax, dramatically increased the size of our government, and they even raised taxes without a 2/3rds vote against the Nevada Constitution. It seems current leadership is determined to take more and more of our hard-earned dollars. I want to do exactly the opposite!

We need to roll back the regulations and keep taxes low. We need to encourage investment and promote growth, not grow government and tax employers out of business.


Nevada consistently ranks at or near the bottom in education, yet our legislature waited until the final hours of the last legislative session to discuss funding. It took the possibility of a teachers strike to give educators a raise they deserve. Successful programs like Opportunity Scholarships and Read by Three were scaled back with the threat of elimination.

We need to shake things up, rethink how we teach our kids and stop doing what they’ve done for decades – it isn’t working. Parents need choices, schools need accountability and our leaders need the courage to make real changes rather than just do what a few special interests tell them to do.

There are innovators making real strides in education all across the country, but we need to elect leaders in Nevada who are willing to make changes and reject the status quo. We need lawmakers who will make education a priority – our current leadership fought to pay themselves more before working to improve our schools. That is ridiculous, and it’s why we need a change.


Again, this past legislative session, our elected leaders raised taxes on 23,000 Nevada businesses. They even brazenly did so without the required 2/3rds vote. There are multiple initiatives now being brought to raise taxes yet again. Those same people in power are now looking at higher sales taxes and higher property taxes for homeowners. We must end this cycle of new taxes every other year when our Nevada Legislature meets. It is out of control and threatens jobs and our Nevada way of life.

Public Safety

Our police officers were used as a bargaining chip in a last-minute attempt to pass a massive tax increase. It was an embarrassing display of poor leadership, but unfortunately, it’s not surprising. This ridiculous stunt came from the same folks who sponsored a bill that would let a burglar robbing your home sue you if they were injured on your property!

It’s time to put the needs of law enforcement ahead of the criminals. Prioritizing the rights of violent felons over law enforcement must stop. Current leadership is out of step with the families they are supposed to represent. Their agenda is not our agenda. It is an extreme Washington DC agenda being driven by radical special interests, and not Nevadans. We have to do better.

We need to stiffen penalties on dangerous felons. We need to let homeowners protect themselves against intruders. We need to work with local law enforcement to make our neighborhoods safer.